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ASTRA is responsible for the development of the Codes of Practice for the subscription broadcasting and narrowcasting industry in Australia.

The development of the Codes of Practice are a condition of licence and are part of a co-regulatory scheme under which the industry operates.

The codes cover areas such as program content and classification, advertising, privacy, subscriber service obligations and complaints procedures.

The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 determines the legislative requirements under which the Codes of Practice are developed, reviewed and registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority.


Are the subscription television Codes of Practice the same as those for free to air television?
No. The subscription television Codes of Practice are designed to recognise the fundamental differences between the mass appeal and mass target market of free to air television and the niche nature of subscription television. The codes are designed with the expectations of the audience about program and advertising content of particular channels, at particular times. The major distinctive feature of subscription television is the direct contractual relationship between the service provider and the subscriber.
What issues relating to advertising are covered under the Codes of Practice?
The content, classification and scheduling of advertising is covered under the Codes of Practice. Issues covered include, offensive advertising, dangerous behaviour, discrimination, advertising directed at children and competitions.
How do I make a complaint under the Codes of Practice?
A complaint in the first instance should be made to the licensee. Full details of the complaints code are contained in the Codes of Practice.
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