Who does ASTRA represent?

ASTRA exists to represent the subscription media industry.  The industry includes subscription media platforms like Foxtel, as well as more than two dozen content companies ranging in size from Disney and Viacom through to Aurora Community Television and Australian Christian Television.  In addition, ASTRA represents companies that supply services to the industry.  These members include ad sales agency MCN, closed captioning provide Ai-Media, technology firms like Cisco as well as several media law firms.

How is ASTRA’s role different from Foxtel’s?

ASTRA’s job is to represent the wider subscription media sector, which includes distribution platforms like Foxtel but also the many independent companies that create content for it and other broadcasters.  All these entities sometimes share a common interest, and sometimes have interests that are specific to their particular company.  As the Australian subscription media industry grows, so too will ASTRA.  Membership is open to any media company with a subscription-based business model which shares our members’ concern to develop the overall industry, encourage local content and advocate free competition

What does ASTRA stand for?

ASTRA members support the development of the subscription media industry, encourage the production of local content for Australian audiences, advocate an open, competitive market that encourages investment and innovation, believe intervention in the market should be minimal and fair to all participants, recognise intellectual property rights and believe creators should be fairly rewarded, and believe that all media organisations should have access to public resources on the same terms